Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Spent a cloudy day in Whitstable. It is nice to get out and unwind for a bit, even if you do have to go back to the workshop.

There is a great little coffee shop we always go in. "Rendez-vous. "

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Sunday, 26 April 2009

First time for everything...

Got myself a new gadget. So far I like it a lot,as it allows me to access everthing online whilst I am out and about. So this is my first test post.

Here is an acrylic canvas I did with the kids when they were young. A surprise for my beautiful wife.

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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Your finger print on silver cuffs.

Is this the perfect gift for the groom on the big day?

How about a special anniversary or the next birthday?

You just can't get a more unique idea than your finger print on their cuff links.

Each pair is made from scratch using a print supplied by you.

For full details CLICK HERE

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Your finger print on your own pendant

I have been perfecting this technique. The process itself is my own little secret and I won't be sharing that here.

You can have your lover's finger print (or the kids, best mate etc.) transferred permanently onto a sterling silver heart shaped pendant. Complete with chain.

Click here to see more.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Not all that glitters is gold......

A little story goes with this ring.

A customer brought this into me and asked me if it was real. At the time it was a very shiny gold colour. (It had been gold plated.)

Inside the ring, you can just make out two marks a 750 and a 18k. Both presuming to mean that it is 18k gold.

However, when he gave it to me, the colour of the gold was wrong and the weight as well. The spurious marks also made me feel this ring was a fake.

So I put it under my torch and as you can see the resulting black mess proves that it is just a brass/copper metal underneath.

It does infact look like a plumbers olive. Something used by plumber in the UK when installing water pipes in houses.

The client had bought this ring from a beggar in Lonodon for £5 and his own words, "it was worth a gamble".

You could probably buy a 100 of these olives for a £5.

So the beggar was no ordinary beggar, as he clearly had access to a gold plating unit, so he was in fact probably a scam artist.

Then about six months later, a lady bought an identical ring in to me and I gave her the same bad news, but she insisted it had been in her family for years (Probably just embarrassed that she had parted with good money for a fake)

Be warned you all, not all that glitters is gold