Friday, 27 February 2009

My First Album Cover.

Here is my first album cover.

Or what might be, if only I formed a band.....

Here is what you do

1 - Go to "wikipedia." Hit “random... Read More”
or click
The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Go to "Random quotations"
or click
The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Go to flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”
or click
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4 - Use photoshop or similar to put it all together.


that's it, let me know what your album cover looks like.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Newsletter Winners....

On the 19th January, I posted this thread offering all newsletter subscribers the chance to win one of three rings that were up for grabs

The draw took place the other day and the three winners are

Heather Purvis
Claire Shearer
Amanda Cusick

They have all been contacted, and I am awaiting their instructions as to how they would like their ring personalised.

Each ring is made in sterling silver to their given ring size and a short quote is added.

Each and every time I run such a prize draw, I include anyone on my newsletter mailing list. So for your chance to win on the next draw (which will be announced later this week) simply sign your self up for my newsletter.

Monday, 23 February 2009

I stumbleupon, do you?

Soemthing I use when I am a tiny bit bored is Stumbleupon.

It is quite a neat little toolbar add-on for your browser.

In a nutshell, here is how it works. If you find a site you like, you can give it a thumbs up.

Other users of stumbleupon can then browse everyone elses favourites.

So you end up seeing some quite good websites which would have otherwise passed you by. You can also set it to show you only certain types of websites that interest you - like humour and weddings or perhaps IT and tennis. So whatever floats your boat, it is a good way for browsing the web.

Today is the last day of my hols and I am back to real life tomorrow. So any e-mails sent will be read and deleted then. This post was actually written 10 days ago when i was feeling all organised.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

3D Art.

Simply beautiful and you can see their website here

Some brilliant work.

Just thought I would share.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

you think you have troubles?

Today, I received my passport in the mail. They got my birthdate wrong. Then I picked up my birth certificate that I had sent in with the application. Turns out my parents have been celebrating my birthday on the wrong day for 16 years. FML

OK, this isn't me, but a website where people post their amusing stories.

Warning that some are a bit crude as it is all about "how life sucks.."

I am back from my hols in a few days, so will pick up any e-mails you have sent me then. This post was written over a week ago and scheduled for release today, so no, I am not a sad loser blogging whilst I am on holiday. I am a sad loser who blogged in advance before I went away on hols. LOL

Friday, 20 February 2009


Quite a neat idea from this blog

simply cut the corner from an old envelope and grab a biro to create your very own and lets face it, very cheap bookmark.

This is a scheduled post, written a week ago, as I am still on my happy hols, with my happy little family.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

On a diet?

Using the magic of the internet, this post was written a week ago and pre-arranged to be published today.

I am actually away on hols, but I still wanted to publish something on the blog whilst I was gone.

Here is todays fab find

Looking to update your crockery? Look no further.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

quite a catch....nursery room perhaps?

A sweet little print available to order form

now wouldn't that look neat on the nursery room.

So do you know anyone with a little one on the way? Plan aead and be prepared for the big day.

Anyone can buy some baby clothes , but only someone special will get soemthing this cute.

before you go sending me an e-mail....I am actually not here. I am away on hols and this is a scheduled post that I wrote a week ago. I am actually sitting by the pool sipping an ice cold beer!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I know Valentines has gone, but....

You got to plan ahead for their birthday.

five little ceramic hearts (with an adorable little bag as well)

and yep, if you have been reading my recent blogs, I am still on holiday with my family. These posts have been pre-written and I have just delayed the blog posting date.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Hippo Birdie to you.

I am still away on my hols, and this is just a pre-scheduled post. Don't worry, I sm not negelecting my family on the beach so that I can run and post on this blog !

found this little fella on Etsy

Apart from making me smile, what a brilliant store name.

Come on, you must be smiling.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

So you missed Valentines ?

I am away on hols at the moment, but the clever guys at "Blogger" allow me to write blog posts and schedule them to post whilst I am away !!

neat eh?

So Valentines has gone and you missed it. DOH!

Why not try to get some browny points back

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Fabulous Wedding Idea

Commission your very own set of pebbles, each engraved with a name.

Full details can be found here

As you would expect, you got to allow 2 weeks , but what a fab idea.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Hearts - it appears are made in factories.

Friday Finds

It appears that hearts aare indeed made in factories.

This delightful piece can be yours for just a handful of dollars

Here is their blurb in their words.

Hearts are indeed made in factories.

I've grown weary of being told I don't have a heart.
If you are lacking a heart or tired of your heart being broken it would be wise to invest in your own tiny heart factory.

Miniature ceramic heart factory sculpture.
Twice fired glazed ceramic earthenware.
Signed and dated.

1 1/8" x 7/8" x 2 1/16"

Go on, you know you want to.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Custom personalised cuff links.

I am now offering custom cuff links in sterling silver for that special present.

You can have any wording or date in any font (Space allowing). Or you can have some artwork. There really is no limits to what is possible.

Perfect gifts on the wedding day for the groom, best man or father's.

They typically take 2-3 weeks to make.

You can buy them from my Etsy shop

Shown here area more traditional monogram pair of cuff links on a rectangular shield.

As these are made from scratch, you can actually have any shape shiled and personalise them in any way.

If you have any questions then please drop me a line

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

English Pewter Key Rings.

English Pewter Key Rings.

I have just started adding some of my latest gift ideas to my Etsy shop

Handmade and handcast English Pewter key rings.

I can also offer to make your own design with a minimum order of 50 and price breaks therafter. Please contact me for more details.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Twitter this and twitter that.

Twitter !

Just got on the bandwagon and started my own twitter page.

So if you are an avid twitter addict, then please pop over and add me to your contact base.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Mensa ® Signet Ring.

A "Mensa®" Signet Ring.

For those who aren't aware of the Mensa® organization. It is an exclusive club for those with a high I.Q.

You have to pass a test to prove that you are somewhere in the region of the upper 5% with regards to your I.Q.

I was commissioned to make this signet ring, carrying the Mensa® logo. Mensa® is a registered trademark so permission will be required for work of this kind.

It is made in sterling silver and to the specifications of the client. A wonderful gentleman living in Spain

Monday, 2 February 2009

Digital art. A portrait in progress.

Here is a part finished digital portrait.

This has been completely done in photoshop using an array of brushes.

As you can see, I have virtually finished the skin tones and i am just moving onto the hair.

You can see a slightly more aadvanced version of this on my flickr account.

I have still yet to finish it completely and it has had to take a side seat as I am a bit too busy at the moment.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Custom made cuff links with your own design.

Here is a recent commission for a pair of "Moles" Rugby cuff links.

A local Rugby club in Gravesend celebrating 10 years.

I can make cuff links in any shape and with any artwork requirement on the front.

So if you would like to turn your child's drawing, a company logo, a sports club badge or perhaps a hand written note into a special pair of cuff links, please drop me a line.