Friday, 8 May 2009

EtsyMetal Blog Carnival

EtsyMetal Blog Carnival... So what is a blog carnival? I hear you ask.

A small group of Etsy Metal members with their own blogs write a short article on a given day subject. We will be doing this the first Friday of each month and our topic this fine May is

"What/who inspires you in making jewellery?"

I like drawing and I have more sketch books on the go than you can shake a stick at. Here are a couple of my brain storming sketches. These are largely derived from still life studies.

The whole point of sketching for me, is simply exploring ideas, whether they ever get translated into jewellery is a whole different matter.

I work largely to commission so I end up working on clients own pieces and therefore I am guided by their preferences.

I keep promising myself that I will get back to making one-off pieces that satisfy my need to play with materials be it platinum, concrete or wood.

Jewellery is about adornement but we get so hung up on perceived value by using precious items.

I have a whole stack of ideas and in all honesty I could probably make new items for a couple of years without taking a breath, but in the meantime bills have to paid and my commissions keep me off the streets.

So my inspiration for my personal work comes from distilling observational drawings.

That is my story...please go and have a look what the others have to say.....