Thursday, 29 November 2007

Slow sales in Etsy?


If you wonder why you struggle to make a sale, here is why. This will apply to a lot of categories.

I did a rough check for earrings listed on the 28th and there are approx 130 pages with 15 listings per page.

Taking that as the average per day , obviously there will be busier days. Please take the following maths as rough approximates.

So if you sell earrings and list 2 per day, 14 a week, you make up 0.1% of the total earrings for sale each week.

If you list 2 items a day for a month, you might think that your shop with 56 items has a lot of stock. However after 4 months, your 54 items will account for a quarter of one tenth of a percent (0.025%)of all earrings listed.

Even if someone does a search for silver, earring, drop, bead, you will still be buried in the sheer number of listings.

So to ensure that you have a single listing per page on the earrings, you will need to list one item every 11 minutes, all day long , every day.

I have put this post together simply to outline why some people listing 30 items over a 2 day period, might make a sale or two, but then get nothing for weeks and weeks.

What are your thoughts?

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Cassiemarie said...

I've really noticed that my sales come out of the absolute blue and in clumps. One time I hadn't posted for about 2 weeks and all of the sudden I made a bunch of sales. I think there is an esty fairy who decides it all- hahah!