Sunday, 6 April 2008

Beth's step-by-step tutorial on casting.

Beth is a fabulous jeweller and metalsmith. If the "secrets" of jewellery making intrigue you at all or you just want to have a look at her lovely jewellery then pop by and visit her BLOG or ETSY SHOP.

Beth has written a fantastic tutorial on "The Lost Wax Casting Process". What that means to the layman is as simple as this. You prepare a mould (or mold for the Americans- but us Brits know how to spell correctly ;-) ) Then you heat up some metal until it is liquid. Then you pour the liqud metal into the mould. Pop and have a look at Beth's tutorial.

If you would like direct access to a group of professional jewellers and metalsmiths, then pop by and meet the Etsymetal team.

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