Friday, 13 June 2008

Friday Finds.....

What a cool bottle opener.

Their words on this item

"I enjoy strolls along the tracks for any number of reasons. One of the highlights is overhearing railroad spikes calling out to me who would really like to find a higher purpose in life.

I found this spike, heated it until it glowed orange, beat it with my hammer, gripped it in my vise, and twisted the bejesus out of it in order to create this hefty-yet-elegant bottle opener. It feels wonderful in the hand, comfortably opens even the strongest beer, and looks great sitting on the counter in the kitchen, or on the shelf behind the bar.

Bring this delightful piece of recycled steel into your home, and you'll be sure to start a great many conversations! Not to mention enjoy many of your favorite beverages in new style."

So pop over and have a look at their Etsy shop, just CLICK HERE

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