Friday, 11 July 2008

Jewellery Blog Carnival - July

My favourite manual tool.

Welcome to my piece of the web. Once a month a whole bunch of metal smiths write a short aticle on a given topic and this months topic is "My favourite manual tool." You can visit each artist's blog and have a good nose. You'll find the links below.......

So what is my favourite manual tool?

Got to be quite simply the hammer. I have a whole bunch of them and they all have their own little specific purpose. You can't just go grabbing the nearest hammer "oh no!!". You have to use the right hammer for the job.

I reckon on every single commission I make, I use a hammer at least once, so it has to be the most valueable tool.

For instance you can take a flat piece of metal and turn it from this;

The small curved cone was made to replace a broken stem on a 130 year old trophy.

So whilst it isn't a very sexy tool, it can produce fabulous results.

Here are the other bloggers, go have a look to see what their special tool is

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