Monday, 23 February 2009

I stumbleupon, do you?

Soemthing I use when I am a tiny bit bored is Stumbleupon.

It is quite a neat little toolbar add-on for your browser.

In a nutshell, here is how it works. If you find a site you like, you can give it a thumbs up.

Other users of stumbleupon can then browse everyone elses favourites.

So you end up seeing some quite good websites which would have otherwise passed you by. You can also set it to show you only certain types of websites that interest you - like humour and weddings or perhaps IT and tennis. So whatever floats your boat, it is a good way for browsing the web.

Today is the last day of my hols and I am back to real life tomorrow. So any e-mails sent will be read and deleted then. This post was actually written 10 days ago when i was feeling all organised.

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Ivonnardona said...

I love Stumble Upon. The only thing is time can away from you when using it because of all the interesting websites they have.