Friday, 20 March 2009

Blog Carnival -

I really enjoy the Blog Carnival. A monthly topic is discussed by several individual jewellery artists. We all discuss the same topic and you can visit their blogs at the end of this short article.

This month's topic

" What was your biggest mistake or worst workbench disaster? "

I am struggling to think of a huge mistake that I have made. Lots of silly little mistakes, but nothing that couldn't be remedied and hardly ever costly.

I have probably melted the odd earring post, as I have soldered them onto earrings.

(The picture shows a recent acid etched design)

I remember acid etching a design once. The point of the exercise, is to paint a design onto a piece of metal using special paint. You leave the artwork that you desire as clear metal and cover everything else in the paint. The piece is then dropped into acid and the exposed metal is eaten away by the acid. You leave it in the acid for an hour or so until the acid has reached a satisfactory depth.

You then remove the item, wash it, remove the special paint and hey presto your piece is ready for the next stage.

However on one ocassion, I popped the piece into the acid and then promptly went home !!!!!

The next morning I came in and the metal had completely disappeared, leaving the thin membrane of paint behind. DOH !!

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Amanda Conley said...

When I was in school, our printmaking teacher had just finished explaining to us that you never pour water into acid - ALWAYS pour acid into water (for etching) then he immediately turned around and pour the water into the acid! We had to evacuate the building.
Your story made me think of that.