Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Fingerprint Rings

Been away from the blog for a spell. Just hectic with work and with the family, but I am back to my old routie, so a little time to spend blogging.

Here is my latest creation. I take the clients fingerprint and using some special magic, I make a ring using their unique mark.

I can make these rings to any given width and in any metal. Silver, gold, palladium or platinum. The golds, I can make it in white, yellow or red gold.


Gemma Mortlock said...

These are lovely! really special.

Rascallion said...

This is gorgeous, nice work.

I found you thru Etsy forums, I'm Ellacinders there, Cheers!

afteriris said...

Do you make the fingerprints from a scanned image? I ask because if I were to have one of these rings I would like one with my daughter's fingerprint. She died but we have her handprints if that would work? Also, could it be done on a ring as thin as your stackable rings because I like the idea of getting one for each of my living children too and wearing them all together.


BPope said...

Thats great - im looking for a wedding ring for my girl - something unique...Id like to talk to you about this..

Erin said...

Can you do the print on the outside of the band?