Monday, 9 May 2011

Hugh Laurie......

Just realised I like blues music.

I was so intrigued by seeing Hugh Laurie's album in iTunes, I thought I would read some reviews. It is fair to say they were all rave reviews, so I took a punt and downloaded his album.

It is great. I have had it playing in the shop today and I have added it to my week's playlist. I don't have a set genre of music that I follow, having said that I just haven't got around to listening to much blues. Or more accurately, I haven't got around to listening to any blues !

So if you are feeling curious and wondering what Hugh Laurie sounds like, nip over to iTunes and have a preview listen.

If you are wondering what this actor is doing knocking out a real album, then here is the back story. According to Stephen Fry's autobigraphy, when Stephen met Hugh at Cambridge University as twenty somethings, Hugh was playing his guitar. Apparently he was very good at the time, according to Mr Fry.

So this latent skill of Hugh's has been there all along, we just never knew. So rest assured, this is not some pathetic excuse for an actor to try and earn a few bucks off their current popularity.

He can actually strum and hold a tune.