Monday, 10 December 2007

Step by step sapphire earrings.

Here are some step by step pictures of Star Sapphire earrings, being made in 18k white gold.

(Above Left) shows two beautiful star sapphires. Unforunately the photos don't do them justice. The screwback ear posts were used as these earrings were quite expensive.

Having cutout the metal I required from sheet, the first thing to do , was to create a setting for each stone.

(Above Right) shows me bending the long thin piece of gold into circles to match the stones perfectly.

(Above Left) you can now see, that I have made a perefect setting for each stone. You can see the setting to the front of the picture still has the residue of the solder on the seem. I am not worried about it at this stage, as there is still more soldering to be done.

(Above Right) I am now offering the circles upto a slightly thicker sheet of 18k white gold. this will act as a base. To stop the stones falling

(Above Left) Each round setting has now been soldered onto a heavier base. This now needs to be trimmed to create a prettier setting.

(Above Right) The earposts are now soldered onto the base of each earring. The suplus gold is trimmed with a saw, and then filed and sanded down until the whole setting is nice and round.

Here is the finished pair of earrings. The stones have been set and both have been highly polished.

Handmade especially for Sarah and commissioned by her husband Dan.


C & L said...

Great work... wow.

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

Beautiful work -- thanks for showing us!

Margaret said...

Your work is SO gorgeous! I'm hoping to learn "real" jewelry techniques soon---right now I'm playing with a lot of wire :)

Rio Oso Designs said...

Those are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

thoughtbubble said...

The results are really gorgeous!

Wendee said...

I found your custom-stamped rings on Etsy and have been enjoying seeing your process. I'd taken a jewelry class in high school (which was enjoyable, but also a very long time ago), and my mom also does lapidary work; I appreciate how everything really is handcrafted. It's quite meaningful to see the effort that goes into each piece. Wonderful work. Thanks!

Wendi said...

This is a really beautiful pair.

Marie Cristine said...