Friday, 21 November 2008

Jewellery Blog Carnival...

The jewelery blog carnival is back again.

What is it? I hear you ask. Well each month a group of talented jewellers talk about the same topic on their blogs. I am lucky enough to tag along on this little event.

So this months topic "What are you grateful for, jewellery wise?"

I am grateful for the fact that virtual each and every commission I do is unique.

i love the fact that I don't have to make the same thing time and time again, which for me would bore me to tears.

I work to commission which means that one day I can be working on Art Deco inspired cuff links and the next day, I can be setting a 3ct pink sapphire into an engagement ring.

So I am grateful for the fact that I never know what I am going to be asked to make next. It makes going to work very exciting and I think if you can't wait to get to work, that is a great position to be in.

I am also very grateful that I am part of this wonderful Carnival and I can't wait to see what the other jewellers are going to write about.

Check their blogs yourself.

Tonya Davidson
Lorrene Davis
Marco Fleseri
Tamra Gentry
Lora Hart
Elaine Luther
Kirsten Skiles
Angela Crispin


knitsteel said...

definitely worth being thankful about!
nice post.

Danielle Miller-Gilliam said...

Chris, I received your tag and passed it along! FUN, FUN! Check it out when you get a chance.

Rebecca Haden said...

Very cool cufflinks, there. I'm traveling through the carnival, having begun over at knitsteel's placem, and I'm grateful I found it.