Sunday, 30 November 2008

So good I had to buy one.....

I stumbled across this Etsy shop and loved one of the books so much, I just had to buy one.

Froydis Faire Books speciliase in up-cycling old books. Here is a brief description in their own words.

Whatever their story, I have a difficult time passing these lovelies by. Recently, I've decided to rescue some, and give them the opportunity for a new life. I take out old, ripped text blocks, remove the pages that are unsalvageable, and clean up the cover as well as I can. I then add new pages - sketch papers, and sometimes art papers and tracing papers - new endpapers, and bookmarker ribbons. With the bumps and bruises that cannot be removed, these old friends retain the mystery of their past so that, perhaps, a new owner will see their value, fill them with their own words and images, and treasure them for years to come.

So pop on over and treat yourself to a unique present.

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