Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Wedding Ring Inscriptions.

The one thing I am asked most, is

"What can we have engraved on our wedding rings?"

The simple answer is


I find most couples want something that is personal to themselves. So typically the inscription relates to their "pet" names for each other. Maybe a "cute" saying that they have. It might be a significant date, if not the date for the wedding.

In addition I find couples going , not for an obvious inscription, but something a little bit more cryptic. This might be a symbol, from the much used symbol for eternity (looks like an 8 lying on its side), to a musical note, a chinese word, or even a cartoon character, such as Woodstock from the Peanuts strip.

I have done the date in regular numerals, in Roman numerals and the most unusual is the date stamp in seconds from the dawn of the digital age (He was an I.T. guy)

Ring inscriptions have also used quotes from favourite films, lyrics, poems and novels.

I really don't hink it matters where the inscription comes from, as long as it has some meaning to you both.

Of course there is the more obvious statements such as those listed below

Yours forever.

I love you.

Faithfully yours.

You should also consider one of these quotes in another language, beit Latin, French, Italian or whatever. Sometimes, a rather dull English quote becomes that much more exotic in another tongue.

I have another page of quote inscriptions, that you can find here.

Have fun choosing your ring inscription, talk about what you both want or decide that you will each choose an inscription for each others ring and keep it a secret.

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mercedes said...

Chris parry you Rock!

just read your interview with Etsy - i also want to be like you when i grow up.

congrats dude.

mucha suerte para el 2010 amigo!
(in case your spanish is not so good: good luck for 2010 friend)

mercedes from sunny (rainning at the mo) spain