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Wedding Ring Inscriptions.

Wedding Ring Inscriptions


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I am often asked for suitable ideas for stamping or engraving into pieces of jewellery.

So here are a few to get you going.

All My Love, All My Life Love, Faith, Hope Together
All My Love (Name & wedding date) Love Is All In All
Always Love Is Eternal
Always For Forever Love Me And Leave Me Not
As You Wish Love 'N Kisses
Constant/True My Best Friend (wedding date)
Endless As This Shall Be Our Bliss My Heart Is Yours
Faithful Love Will Ever Last My Heart Is Yours Forever
Forevermore My Love Is Forever Yours
For You Alone Never Another You
Forever Never To Part
Forever And Ever No Heart More True Than Mine To You
Forever Entwined One Life One Love
Forever In Love One Love, One Lifetime
Forever In My Heart Math sign for Infinity - an eight lying on it's side
From This Day On Today-Tomorrow-Forever
Grow Old With Me Two Bodies, One Heart
Here Is My Heart, Guard It Well With All That I Am
How Do I Love Thee With These Rings We Bind Our Love
I Love You Most With You Always (initials wedding date)
Initials (wedding date) XOXOXOXOX
I Will Never Love Another You And No Other
Joy Without End You Are The Love Of My Heart
Kismet You Are My Strength and My Love
Life Has begun (wedding date) You Have My Heart
Life Is Good You Shall Never Walk Alone
Love Conquers All Things

  • a line from your vows...
  • Latin: Ab imo pectore (English: From the bottom of my heart)
  • All my love - all my life
  • All my love, Leslie 05/25/96
  • Always for Forever
  • Latin: Amorem meum tibi semper dabo (English: I will keep giving you my love always)
  • a portion of "As long as I live, my heart will never change/My choice is made, no other will do" from a poem by Dorothy Dunnet
  • As you wish
  • Be in love
  • Constant and true
  • Eternal, Leslie 5/25/96
  • Forever Entwined
  • Forever in Our Thoughts 5-25-96
  • Forever Thine May 25, 1996
  • Forevermore
  • From this day on...5-25-96
  • Grow old with me
  • I Will Never Love Another
  • In heaven, too, you will have my hand
  • Love N Kisses
  • LPF CAF May 25, 1996
  • One Life One Love
  • Greek: Oti kalon philon aiei (English: Whatsoever is beautiful is loved always)
  • My Best Friend May 25, 1996
  • My Love is Forever Yours
  • Never Another You
  • Never To Part
  • Over Hill Over Dale Our Love Will Never Fail
  • Latin: pari passu (English: side by side)
  • "Whither thou goest" on one ring and "I shall go" on the other
  • With All That I Am
  • With You Always LPF 5-25-96
  • You Are My Strength and My Love
  • You shall never walk alone
  • the sign for infinity

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