Sunday, 28 February 2010

Blog Carnival. 20 things to kick start your creativity..

This is part of the infamous blog Carnival series.

The blog Carnival is a group of metal artists belonging to EtsyMetal who, on the first Monday of every month, share a blog post on the same topic. This month, the topic is

"Create an inspirational 20 things to do, to kick start creativity."

1) Draw a biscuit as you eat it, stage by stage.
2) Make a picture using some ink and only blowing through a straw.
3) Write a ten point instruction manual for something really mundane, like opening your car.
4) Draw a picture of yourself in a mirror using toothpaste.
5) Try to copy your signature using your other hand
6) Go outside and find the first piece of rubbish you find, then write a 200 word history for it.
7) Open a newspaper, point at a word with your eyes closed, then draw a picture to help illustrate that word.
8) Tap madly at the keyboard on google, then vist those pages it suggests.
9) Get a helium balloon, and write some instructions on a waterproof label for the finder to follow. Perhaps to contact you somehow. Then let it go.
10) Draw a can of food taking 10 mins to capture all the detail
11) Draw the same can of food, but only in 2 mins
12) Draw the same can of food with your eyes tightly closed.
13) Send a stamped blank greeting card out with each sale. Ask the buyer to draw a picture and send the card back
14) Draw a picture on some concrete using just water on a hot day
15) Point at a map blindly, go to that exact location and draw it or find some debris to take home
16) Take a book, read a page at random, then draw something inspired by that page
17) Take a shoe and two pieces of paper- draw two pictures of the shoe at the same time using both hands
18) Cut up a potato and use it to do some paint printing.
19) Scribble madly for 5 seconds in a round motion ona piece of paper, then create a monster from your sketch (See picture above)
20) Make a mad list of 20 things to do if your stuck for creativity, then pick one at random.

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Amanda Conley said...

Chris, those were great ideas! Mine were far less specific, but I LOVE your take on it. I'll have to try doing some of those wacky things. ;)

E² - Esther Eve Metalsmith said...

Oh Chris!

It took me up to #13 to realize that every one of your inspirations had to do with drawing or sketching! Great ideas, I love the toothpaste one ;o> I've definitely though about doing it before, then resist the temptation because the practical side of me decides I dont' want to deal with the cleanup ;o>

Fluxplay Jewellery. said...

I think I'm going to have to have a go at no.15 one day, it's a great idea.

Beth Cyr said...

haha! i do #5 quite frequently - I spent a whole semester writing w/ my left hand every day and sometimes sketching (i'm right handed) - great exercise for mind and body!

Lunaticart said...

You've put a big smile on my face!

Catherine Chandler said...

Chris, I love your suggestions! They really are about thinking outside of the box, and stretching your creativity in unlikely ways. Great stuff!