Sunday, 21 February 2010

A tame squirrel

Just had a very tame squirrel come and take a piece of bread from my hand.

I know they're just tree rats, but still quite cute.

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mercedes said...

hey chris-master-Parry

I am ging to start etching onto silver with Ferric Nitrate and Press n Peel Blue paper. have you done this before? any tips would be greatly appreciated.

your new shop look amazing. congratulations..moving on up!

kind regards

mercedes mimo silver spain xxx

Chris Parry said...


Just a bit of practice. I use various stop out liquids and a dilute acid soloution.

You might need to tickle the metal surface with a feather, to help the bubbles disperse.

Other than that, temperature of the liquid and its strength all have an impact on the speed of etching.

So whenever you etch, try to use the same variables so you get consistent results.

Set a timer to remind you to remove the piece from the solution. The number of times, I have gone home and left something in the acid !!!!!

mercedes said...

thanks Chris, will defo get a timer, so much going on - am bound to forget about the piece in the acid!! mxx