Thursday, 11 February 2010

A custom handmade wedding ring....

Chris and Sara came to see me about making a pair of handmade wedding rings. A lovely couple but Sara's problem was her "shaped" engagement ring.

Her e-ring design, meant that she couldn't simply go and get an "off-the-shelf" wedding band. so what to do? I handmade this 18k white gold band , set with 5 3pt (2mm) diamonds.

The result is a truly unique ring as it will only ever fit her ring perfectly. A bit of a Cinderella's shoe type thing. Sure lots of girls could have got Cinderella's glass shoe on, but it would only ever fit one foot perfectly.


Anonymous said...

Not to my taste, but hey...

I thought, though, that wedding rings were plain, engagement rings had stones. Is that old-fashioned?

Surely "wedding band" is an Americanism?

Chris Parry said...

25 years ago, I would say that the role of the rings was more defined by tradition and at the same time, consumers were not given the chance to have anything else.

However, people now feel they can have what they want and how they want it, and why shouldn't they?

I have done all sorts of "non-traditional" rings. The important thing, is that the item means something to the individual. What anyone else thinks of your piece of jewellery conforming to a stereotype from the 70's is in my humble opinion , errr, dated.