Monday, 19 January 2009

Collecting Handshakes

This often makes me smile. (which is quite sad really)

How do you collect handshakes?

Well as long as you can assume that two people would have met, they presumably would have shaken hands. For example, George Clooney and Brad Pitt appeared in Ocean's Eleven therefore they probably shook hands.

So here we go....I met my brother who met Hugh Scully (BBC interviewer) who met Margaret Thatcher (old UK Prime Minister) who met Churchill junior who met his father Winston Churchill (WW2 UK Prime Minister) who met the man who signed a peace treaty with Germnay who probably met Adolf Hitler.

So I have Adolf Hitler in 7

Or from the above, Thatcher met Ronald Reagan (US Pres) who would have met in his time Elvis Presley. (Some assumptions going on here)

So I have Elvis in 5

From Elvis you can get easily to any old hollywood star.....

So just for fun, who is a legend special in your life and how quickly can you get their handshake?

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andywelch54 said...

I met Arnold Schwarzenegger in York in 1981 and shook hands with him so I guess that gives me a huge list:)

I really love your blogg, I am doing an ONC silversmithing course at night school at the moment and am just getting to grips with making rings at the moment so its great to be able to look at work that is so high quality and read about your work