Sunday, 18 January 2009

Valentines is coming....

I know what you are thinking, probably (it is only Jan 18th !?)

But if you are looking for that extra special handmade gift which is going to be shipped from halfway around the world then you need to be ordering within the next week or so.

Typical worldwide deliveries are a couple of weeks, maybe quicker if you pay for Express shipping.

So with Feb 14th only being 4 weeks away, that really only gives you a week or if you cut it fine, maybe 2 weeks to find that little something that expresses those three little words......

So your better half is precious, unique and makes your toes tingle. So do you really want to buy them a present made in China and bought on the high street?

A carefully selected, handmade, unique as they are gift, will be apprciated so much us individual makers will be able to buy some food. ;-)

(Photo is from the beautiful handmade pendants available from )

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