Saturday, 24 January 2009

Saturday Spotlight - Elizabeth Scott

Following my Saturday Spotlight series, here is a remarkably gifted jeweller based in USA. Following is a brief interview with Elizabeth.


When someone asks you "What do you do?" What is your reply?

The short explanation is I'm a jewelry artist, but I usually end up explaining what Etsy is, since most of my sales occur there.

Why did you choose this profession?

I started out in art as a printmaker, but I think I always liked to work very small and more 3D, so jewelry was perfect for me. After grad school I felt like I just needed a break from all of the ideas floating around in my head. I didn't make art for a while, and focused on my teaching. I started making jewelry during that time because it was something I could easily do at home, and it turned into a full time business within a couple of years.

What is your favorite skill/technique?

I think fusing is my favorite; I usually use argentium, and I've been incorporating water cast pieces. I use fusing for organic designs but also I use it in place of solder- I like making pieces that are seamless whenever I can.

What skill would you like to learn?

Lately I've been incorporating more gold into my pieces so I've been thinking about keum bo.

What is your workshop like? (Any photos)

A mess. A horrible mess.

What is your main goal this year?

Do at least as well on Etsy as last year, and develop new work.

Please provide links to five of your favorite websites. (Blogs, Artists or Whatever)
and of course

Where can people find you?
and at a few retail shops.


Thank you Elizabeth

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