Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Liverpool Football Club Cuff Links

I am a fan of Liverpool myself. Although born a southerner, my parents were both born in the shadow of Anfield - hence my allegiance.

So I was delighted to undertake this commission for some high quality LFC cuff links.

The "offical" LFC cuff links in their brochure whilst cheap were just shockingly poor quality. I mean really poor.

So a lovely local lady wanted to treat her hubby and here is the result.

I can of course make any design in cuff links , so if you would like something different please get in touch. I would even consider doing Manchester Utd but you would have to pay triple. ;-)

A little joke for those that like Football. Bob Paisley the famous Liverpool manager of yesteryear once said "There are two brilliant football teams in Merseyside. Liverpool and Liverpool Reserves."


Mike said...

Hi there! I am also a big Liverpool fan. A little correction on the quote by Paisley. It should be:

There are two brilliant football teams in Merseyside. Liverpool and Liverpool Reserves.

Cheers mate!

Chris Parry said...

Thanks for that, just changed it.

Anonymous said...

How about another great quote about Liverpudlians? ...

...One Evertonian is worth twenty Liverpudlians - Brian Labone

Your just another typical glory hunting southerner who didn't even know Paisley's own quote!

Anonymous said...

"if everton were playing at the bottom of my garden i'd draw the curtains" - bill shankly. have some of that blunose!

Anonymous said...

these cuff links are fantastic, how much do they cost please?

Chris Parry said...

Thank you

They are £160